• Khechekhouche A. University of El Oued, Fac. Technology, 39000 El Oued, Algeria
  • T. Guia University of El Oued, Fac. Technology, 39000 El Oued, Algeria
  • A. Hima University of El Oued, Fac. Technology, 39000 El Oued, Algeria




Discontinuous earth; Electrogeometrical model; Vertical lightning conductor; Horizontal lightning conductor; the finite elements methods (FEM).


In this paper, we present some results of investigations carried out in the electric field
distribution of mutually horizontal and vertical lightning conductors with discontinuous earth.
The conductors may be located as well as in the higher or the lower earth part. The electric
field distribution was resolute in the case of lightning conductor placed between the high
voltage rod and the discontinuity (interface). For this purpose, we have used different results
obtain by an experimental model and a numerical method for computation used the finite
elements methods (FEM). The consequence of interface on the field stress distribution has
also been studied. In some configuration the electric field distribution on the plan are less
significant than definite by the electro-geometrical configuration. We attribute this effect to
the grand field strength at the discontinuity, which decrease the lightning conductor discharge
capture consequence. This is in harmony with the results relating to the electrical stress of
such air gaps devoid of lightning conductors. The electric field allocation, obtain by way of
the computational system, is in good conformity with the experimental results.


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