• B. Khezzani Faculté des sciences de la nature et de la vie, Université d'El-Oued, BP 789 El-Oued
  • A. N. Aouachria Direction des Services Agricoles, Rue Mohamed Kh’misti, Wilaya d'El-Oued
  • S. Djaballah Faculté des sciences de la nature et de la vie, Université d'El-Oued, BP 789 El-Oued
  • T. Djedidi Faculté des sciences de la nature et de la vie, Université d'El-Oued, BP 789 El-Oued
  • M. Bosilkovski Université Clinique des Maladies Infectieuses et des Affections Fébriles. Mère Teresa 17, Skopje 1000, Macédoine



Algeria; Brucellosis; El-Oued; Epidemiology; Infection; Livestock; Prevalence; Incidence.


The main objective of this paper is to give an overview of animal brucellosis situation in El-Oued province by analyzing a series of statistical data. The results show that 37.9% of the teste danimalshad a positive result. The highest seroprevalence was noted in goats with 38.2%, further more, the high incidence rate has been reported in cattle with 35.9 per 100,000 animals. Females are more exposed to brucellsis than males by 99%, the annual distribution of the incidence characterized by a strong fluctuation with an upward trend. In addition, the highest incidence rate was reported in the spring at 2.74 per 100,000 animals. Although local health authorities are making enormous efforts to limit brucellosis, the epidemic is still widespread in the study area. This situation requires a series of urgent and specific preventive and therapeutic measures.


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