• S. Youcefi Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Sciences and Technology - M B, Oran
  • A. Youcefi Aeronautics Laboratory and Propulsion Systems, USTO - M B, Oran




Experimental study; Viscoelastic fluid; Polyacrylamide; Cone-plate rheometer; Rheological properties


  The rheological analysis of the polymer solutions is studied experimentally using a cone-plate rheometer. The rheograms obtained for various forms of stress show that these solutions have a non-Newtonian character very marked and their behavior is perfectly marked by a rheological model type Ostwald de Waele or power- law. The evolution of the rheological characteristics of these solutions is studied as a function of the temperature, concentration and the age of the organic solute. Detailed analysis of the relationships governing this development highlights the emergence of simple correlations between consistency and behavior index generally are considered independent


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