• Fayssal Bendaoud ESI-SBA



networking, IoT, 5G, cognitive radio


The domain of networking and wireless communication is rapidly expanding to the point where traditional legacy networks research is nearly complete, and they are supposed to be an elder. IoT, the Internet of Things, and the 5G radio communications are the newest networking advancements. These two technologies fulfil all of the researchers' goals of improving people's quality of life. IoT is a framework that allows everyday devices to become smarter, processing to become more intelligent, and communication to become more relevant. The Internet of Things (IoT) has already made huge progress as a ubiquitous solution platform for the linked world. We also discussed the Radio Cognitive RC, which allows people to connect to networks as secondary users at no cost while the service provided is not as good as that provided to primary users who pay a license to use the network. RC can provide a solution for best-effort IoT applications that do not require constant connectivity and high QoS requirements. This study describes all of these technologies and concludes with a recommendation for using IoT and RC in our further works.


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